Rolater Park Entrance


A very important day in the life of Cave Spring was October 23, 1931 when Dr. J. B. Rolater deeded 29 acres to the residents of Cave Spring for their enjoyment. 

Around the Park

Entrance to Rolater Plark

The park features several large picnic shelters, a deep cave with stalagnites from where fresh mineral water from a natural spring enters the a small park and a small creek meanders from the Cave throughout the park. 

Christmas in the Country Event/Vendor Setup

Markets and Festivals in Rolater Park

This annual event attracts many christmas shoppers to our town and is a favorite of young and old alike.

Family-friendly Park Environment

Entrance to the Cave where clear mineral water is feeding the lake, swimming pool and the town. The water is so good that visitors and locals are known to fill their own water supply to carry home.

New: Mushroom Market in Rolater Park

We have assigned one of the large shelters as our Mushroom Market. I will be open from 9 am to 6 pm on September 29, 2018. Come visit our amazing local mushrooms growers, artisans and and surprise vendors to get to know the scene.

Historic Hearn Inn B&B in the Park

Lovingly restored by the Cave Spring Historic Society, this B&B is ready to welcome visitors coming to town. Large rooms featuring original pieces of furniture of the time complete the "Old South" ambiance.