Georgia Mushroom Festival
September 29, 2018

Cave Spring, Georgia 30124

How to Grow Shiitake Mushrooms


Alan Rockefeller / Counter Culture Lab

Alan is a computer security expert and remarkably dedicated volunteer, a CITIZEN SCIENTIST in the field of mycology — the study of fungi. 

Bill Sheehan / Leader MycoFlora Project

Bill is a professor of entomology and the CITIZEN SCIENTIST leading the MycoFlora Project in the Southeast. He is working with a dedicated team of volunteers.

Tradd Cotter / Mushroom Mountain

Tradd is a mushroom scientist and farmer with a successful mushroom business near Clemson,SC. He is the licensed instructor for mushroom certifications in several states.

Tug de Luce / Chester County Mycological Society

Tug is a mushroom forager, mushroom business owner and identification expert from Pennsylvania.

John Forsyth / FungiFlora Group

John interviews mushroom experts all over the world and has dedicated his current efforts to study psilocybin mushrooms in Georgia and surrounding states.

David Tate / Volunteer Citizen Scientist

David is a dedicated CITIZEN SCIENTIST who is documenting mushrooms by scientific classification standards.

Chef Shaun Thompson / Cooking Competition Organizer

Shaun is a supervisory chef at the Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport and is also a member of the Board of Directors for the AACA ( American Academy of Culinary Arts). He will be the organizer of the Mushroom Cooking Competition. Shaun will also enter one of his mushroom creations.

Joel Myers / Mushroom Mountain Lab

Joel Myers

Joel's special interest is the medicinal use of reishi mushrooms (ganoderma species); he will speak about medicinal research and his work at the Mushroom Mountain lab.

Christian Killebrew-Marr / Mycoremediation

Christian studies the impact of industrial or agricultural pollution on the environment and how mushrooms and fungi can help remedie it.  She is a volunteer of the CITIZEN SCIENCE PROJECT.


William Padilla-Brown / Mycosymbiotics

William is an autodidact and has become an expert in mushroom cultivation and has his own company, Mycosymbiotics in Asheville, NC. He teaches growing and cultivation workshops all over the country. He's a teacher who's making learning fun.

Darryl Patton, The Southern Herbalist from Gadsden, AL

Darryl Patton has been hunting, gathering and working with medicinal plants for the past 31 years on Lookout Mountain in the Southern Appalachians. Darryl is a Master Herbalist and brings many years of experience to the field of alternative medicine. He is often called a walking encyclopedia of herbal folklore. 

Mushroom Club of Georgia

The club will be represented by Dr. Cornelia Cho. President, and Sam Landes, Treasurer. They will be available to answer questions about our club and why it is worthwhile to join. They will bring mushroom information and books to display and review.

Django Grootmyers / Ohio Citizen Science Project

Django is a volunteer CITIZEN SCIENTIST and gathers data for the MycoFlora Project in Ohio where he lives.

Joshua Abshire / Mushroom Farmer

Josh will speak about his experience as a mushroom grower and lead a workshop on how to grow mushrooms at home.

Jacob Pulk / Stanford University

Jacob travels the country on a secret mission from his alma mater (lol). He will help with our ID table.


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